„Logistics isn‘t everything – but nothing works without logistics!“

The heart of our company is warehouse management and logistics. For this reason, we take the utmost care of our over 7,500 m² of warehouse area. In the warehouse, neatness and order is most important factor for fast and efficient order processing, thereby avoiding stock-out situations and minimising sources of error.

In addition to the improvement in speed during busy times, the consistent division into zones and definition of storage locations in sensible routes using the man-to-goods routing system for order-related serial commissioning enables the fast and flexible use of less-practised personnel from other areas of the company in order to smooth out peaks in demand.

High-value goods are stored in a separate partitioned area, and issued by specially trained personnel under dual control.

The assembled orders are checked again after being handed over to the logistics area, and after a final check by specialist packers are professionally packed, loaded onto palettes and dispatched on the same day.

  • More than 7,500 m² storage area
  • Efficient order processing
  • Order goods on stock until 7 PM – get it tomorrow throughout Germany