„Service daily! We do not let you down.“

An important cornerstone of a modern company is the Service Department.

Our Service Department is outstanding!

We have an invaluable advantage in the market due to our rapid reaction to service cases, whether this is a matter of technical defects or other guarantee services.

Our Service Department processes complaints and repairs within two weeks – the exception rather than the rule in the case of competitors, and therefore a huge benefit for our customers!

Anyone can sell – but good service is unfortunately all too rare.

Our competent service saves our customers substantial costs by means of short service times and low down-times. Anyone familiar with this problem will value this service.

For some products, such as our Innovation PC's, we offer the possibility in the case of technical defects of immediately replacing individual components, with no fuss and without first having to obtain the agreement of the component manufacturer or supplier, thereby minimising down-times!

  • Fast handling of complaints
  • Comprehensive service
  • Individual technical advise